Wiktoria Wojciechowska


The motivation to begin the project entitled “Sparks” was a desire to create a multifaceted portrait of a contemporary war. In particular a portrait of the conflict in Ukraine, which seems to be forgotten even though it is happening in Europe. The aspects of war such as: how it is run, its influence on the life of ordinary people and its impact on the environment are visualized by various media. In this case the center and the core of the project is constructed through meeting the people who witness the war directly. Portraits of young soldiers created during the individual conversations with every one of them form the backbone of this project. In addition, soldiers’ words show their motivations to join the fight, their will to protect their country, their doubts, psychological problems and feeling of being misunderstood by the society. The project consists also of pieces made using different media such as: documentary photography and videos, video-art, collages, installations. Artistic realizations let us confront our post-memory of war image with its contemporary view. On the other side of the “Sparks” project narration there are universal tales about being a human, growing up, dying or being determined by gender roles.