Wiktoria Wojciechowska

Sparks (2014-2016)

The title Sparks refers to the burning pieces of missiles that mercilessly pierce the walls of people’s homes. The light of explosions reflects in faces and memories of the victims.


Sparks is a multi-dimensional portrait of a contemporary war in Europe, forgotten but still actual, the war in Ukraine. Ukrainians are fighting against the separatists, who are Ukrainians as well, driven by Russia's influence and support. The core of the project is meeting victims of the war and dealing with aspects of the conflict like its influence, the impact on the environment and the lives of ordinary people. History is told through pictures, videos and collages and materials collected from soldiers’ mobile phones.


Portraits of young, nonprofessional soldiers form the backbone of the project. They went to fight in their sneakers with weapons stolen from a museum. They left their previous identities and occupations: philosopher, mechanic, astronomer, music DJ, bank assistant, high school student – none of them were prepared for what they were to experience. Whoever survives, is no longer the same person.