* The Path (2016-2017)

The Path, video, 2017

The Path (“Dróżka”) is the story of my journey to the Maritime Alps, following the line of a single train, from Vallée des Merveilles (the Valley of Wonders) to the Italian-French border in Ventimiglia, through the valley of rivers Roya and Bévéra. The region, which, for thousands of years has been marked by the paths of travellers, merchants, pilgrims, refugees, the shepherds and their sheep. Those who passed by were engraving the signs on the red stones of the Vallée des Merveilles. Still today, wanderers are crossing these mountains, some of them with hope to start a new life in a new country.

Every encounter, every word was relevant and built the portrait of the territory which is a transition point and a geographical boundary. There were no coincidences on my path.

My guides were the people I met on my way: Céline – a shepherd, Alain – a botanist, Maëllys - a 10-year-old and her father Thierry - train controller in the train "des Merveilles”, Thibauld – a tourist guide, Ibrahim - a singer, immigrant from Sudan.